Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Favorite Bell Sleeved Sweater

Sweater  (size S) // Jeans (Similar here & here) // OTK Boots (similar here) // 
Sunglasses // Jacket (Similar here & here)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  My mom called me a couple weeks before the Holiday and asked if I minded if we went out to dinner.  My answer...of course not!  We've been so busy with the boys and our new little one that the thought of not having to cook for Thanksgiving was so exciting!!!  I love getting together with my family but really at a house, at a restaurant, wherever as long as we spent time together.

Anyway, this sweater is one of the items I purchased during the sales over the Holiday weekend.  I saw it on the rack and didn't think I'd like it but I decided to try it on.  It's really cute, comfortable and I love the little details like the gold buttons on the shoulder and the bell sleeves. Although I tend to try Petite for length in pants/jeans I usually stick with regular sizes for tops.  This top is true to size and I am wearing a small.

My shearling coat I've had forever (like over 15 years)!  I could never bring myself to get rid of it.  

Here are some other bell sleeve sweaters I'm loving this season:

Off to do more Holiday shopping!  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Veteran's Day Weekend!

This week I went back to work for a limited number of hours.  It was really good where I felt I had some much needed adult time without my little Kuala(s) attached to me.  On the other hand it was hard to leave him because he is still so little.  However, for me work is a healthy way to keep my identity and helps me feel whole.  I’m a big believer in maintaining your own identity after marriage and children which could mean working, going out with girl friends, or just shopping by yourself without the whole clan.  There is no right or wrong way to do it as long as you feel like your are doing something for yourself.  You see, mama’s give so much of themselves to everyone else around them.  It’s only fair that we also take some time for ourselves.

Here are my favorites for the week:


It's been getting colder here in NY so I picked up this blanket scarf in black.  It is seriously so soft and warm.  I love it!  I initially saw the green one in the store a few weeks ago and meant to purchase that one but it was no longer in stock so I grabbed the black/grey blanket scarf and have no regrets.

I bought this Lou & Grey flecked sweater a few weeks ago and it is seriously comfortable!  It's also 40% off this weekend.  It fits true to size.

Gifts for Kids

Gift giving season is around the corner and I'm always into functional gifts for kids. I could really do an entire post about this one.

Over the past few years I've been giving kids towels as gifts.  These are no ordinary towels.  They are character towels and my kids, nieces, and friends love them!  I've purchase these PJ Mask Towels and these Toy Story Towels. Soooo cute!

Even though I don't have girls I'm loving the unicorn trend that I've been seeing.  I continuously send unicorn gift ideas to one of my mom friends for her 2 year old daughter...hehe!  Recently, for her birthday I purchase this unicorn plate and utensil set and the book Uni the Unicorn.  A definite hit!  If I had a daughter I would also purchase this Unicorn Hooded Towel!  I may get one for myself!

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!  This week has been crazy weather in NY from temps in the 40's then to the 70's.  Mother nature cannot make up her mind!  We are loving this weather though so I can't complain.  We also had our usual Halloween gathering which was crazy with all the boys but lots of fun and laughs!

Here are my favorites for the week:


I am all about comfort lately.  Comfort doesn't have to equal frumpy so I'm loving stylish sweatshirt material and chic athleisure wear.

I've been eyeing these Linea Paola Wedge Booties for a while now.  I was going back and forth between the black suede and the rock perf suede and finally settled on the black.  Let me tell you I am in L-O-V-E.  These booties run true to size and are definitely a great investment.  They look great with denim or leggings so extremely versatile and crazy comfortable.  You can also find them here as well as they have tended to sell out pretty quickly.

My go to sweatshirt has been this Old Navy Lace Up Sweatshirt.  The price point is perfect and rivals some similar designer shirts for much less.  The lace up detail is also so on trend.

I am very particular about leggings and found these Caslon leggings in petite and currently on sale.  They are my favorite with a high waist and a thick band so they don't dig in to your waist.  Very post partem friendly and in general extremely comfy!  Caslon has actually been my new favorite brand with a lot of comfortable but stylish fashion.

My grey suede baseball cap I purchased last year but similar ones are here (budget friendly) and here.  


We usually like to slow cook pork loin because it's easy and tasty.  I decided I wanted to try to roast it this time and tried this pork loin recipe.  I didn't need a 2 lb roast so I cut the recipe in half only using a 1 lb pork loin, added some chicken stock to cook with mushrooms and ended up roasting at 425 F for about 60 minutes.  I'm always weary about eating meat under cooked so we have an oven thermometer (similar) or like this one (more budget friendly).  It has definitely come in hand while cooking.

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hi All!  This has been a crazy week.  Hubby was on an extended work trip for the first time since Baby N was born.  Thank goodness for my mom because it was a little C-R-A-Z-Y, especially during bed time.  Whoever said having a third is just like having two is dead wrong!  Especially early on when the little babe needs so much attention.  I could write a whole blog post about this one!

Anyway, here are my weekly favorites.


I've been looking for cute winter hats.  This one is currently in my shopping cart and I'm in love with the double Pom!  This double Pom beanie and this beanie are also adorable and more budget friendly.

I also like to twin with my baby boy so I recently purchased him this adorable infant beanie along with these lighter ones for when he gets a bit bigger.


Hubby got me a new iPad for my birthday and I like to use a keyboard with my old one.  The old keyboard didn't fit the slim new iPad 9.7 so I found an amazing one that I LOVE.  This iPad keyboard is stylish, functional, and cheaper then some of the other ones I've looked at that are in the store.


While I've been home on maternity leave I've been dreaming about refurbishing my office.  I usually like to choose a color scheme and run with it.  I've been really liking navy blue lately and have been looking at this rug.  I am also obsessed with the idea of a blue velvet chair like this one or this one.

Happy Friday!!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  As I've been mommy'ing over the past few weeks I've been thinking about how to manage my time including my blog.  #Reallife has taken over and it's challenging to juggle all the things pulling me in different directions.  As you can see in the picture above, nothing is quite what it seems in a perfect snapshot of a moment.  

So, I'm going to try something a little different and on Fridays post links to my favorite finds through out the week.  I've been spending a lot of time browsing the web while nursing (even in the middle of the night) or walking around the stores since I am not yet allowed to exercise.  Below are some of the things I've found and loved.

Fashion & Style

Comfortable fashion is my go to lately.  Especially while losing my post pregnancy weight.  I recently purchase this striped graphic long sleeve T-shirt from Old Navy and it is so easy to wear with denim and sneakers.  I also purchased this lace up sweater from Old Navy which is totally comfy.  I purchase both in size small.  Did I mention they are also both on sale!  

My white lace dress I'm wearing in the picture above is so pretty and at a great price from Chicwish.  It's beautiful and easily dressed up or down.  I purchase mine before the baby was born in a S/M.  Even with the extra post baby weight it was very flattering.


Occasionally, the boys give me a little "break" around dinner time.  We had chicken cutlets that hubby offered to grill but I wanted something different.  I tried out this Chicken Francese recipe.  I substituted earth's balance butter instead of regular butter since I suspect baby N is allergic to milk protein like my oldest boy was and am currently on a non-dairy diet.  I also added shallots and then strained everything before I added the chicken back into the sauce.  I did not follow the cooking instructions exactly so instead of baking the dish I just simmered on the stove top in the pan.  It turned out delicious and the best Chicken Francese I've made so far!

All things Baby

I just purchased these Milkies Milk-Savers Breast Milk Collector Storage today.  I tried it out immediately and they work amazing!  Instead of my milk being wasted on the opposite side from where I was nursing it collected in these cups just as advertised.  I definitely wish I had them sooner.

My favorite milk savor bags are from Lansinoh and my all time favorite burp clothes are these very plain ones from Dundee Mills.  They aren't as pretty as some others but they are larger and more absorbent which is what you really need them for.

Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Transition Summer Clothes to Fall

I've been thinking about this post because currently I'm stocking up on some fall layers that I can wear after the baby is born!  I was just telling a friend that I can't wait to fit into regular clothes again.  I do try to wear clothes longer than one season and I do save pieces that I think will maintain a trend or classic style for longer than the current season.  Layering is the key to taking a piece of clothing from one season to the next.  

One of my easiest go to transition styles is to throw a jacket over a summer dress!  It's so easy and I find generally denim jackets are the most versatile.  However, I've collected quite a few jackets over the years and can usually find something other than a jean jacket to wear in order to keep me warm.  I wore this outfit Mother's Day last year and I still love it.  The jacket I think I've had for over 10 years and the dress was something new I bought about a year ago.  You can find the same BCBGeneration dress in different colors here and here.  Some similar jackets are here and here. You can also see my blog past about this entire outfit here.

This dress I wore to my son's Kindergarten moving up ceremony.  It's really a beach cover up but it draped so nicely over my growing belly and the color is so beautiful that I wore it as a dress!  The day was a bit cool out so I easily threw on a denim jacket and peep toe booties!  I've also worn it with sandals and no jacket as the weather got warmer.  I've easily had this GAP denim jacket for over 10 years!  I think I even bought a slightly darker one for my mother who still wears it.  Similar denim jackets are linked here and here.

This sleeveless maxi dress is sooo comfy and easy to wear.  In order to stretch it out to other seasons I layered my go to denim jacket over it like I did the shorter dress above.

I love jump suits...when I can fit into them!  Can't wait to be able to wear them again.  They are just so comfortable which is what makes me want to transition them in cooler weather.  I've worn this spaghetti strapped jumpsuit with sandals and a belt (or no belt) in warmer weather then transitioned to cooler weather with a leather jacket and sandals or cardigan and boots.  I've pretty much covered every season in this jumpsuit!  Similar jumpsuits can be found here (currently on sale) and here (Love this one!).  Similar leather jacket is here and cardigan here (all part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!).

Here are some other layering pieces I'm loving for the fall (and most are on sale!):

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cold Shoulder Striped Blouse

Outfit Details:  OTS Top //  Shorts // Shoes // Backpack 

Hi there!  I had this blog post in queue for quite a while now...oops!  I just wanted to share that I purchased this adorable, light, and comfy non-maternity Beach Lunch Lounge off the shoulder top earlier on in the season and still LOVE it!  As I said it's non-maternity so it can be worn as a lose top but also still fits me at 33 weeks!  I've worn it with shorts, jeans, and jean shorts so I consider it pretty versatile.  It's currently on sale which is even better!

Also, I want to point out the absolute LOVE that I have for my Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Backpack!  This was a very calculated purchase for our trip to Disney with the kids.  Have had a ton of compliments on it and it really is the cutest backpack ever.

Some other breezy (maternity & non-maternity) tops I'm loving this season:

Stay cool!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Summer with Gestational Diabetes

Outfit Details:  ASOS Maternity Bathing Suit (Similar here and here) // Sunglasses (Similar  here) // Hair Band (Similar here)

Hi!  I've been totally MIA this summer!  We have been definitely enjoying the weather and getting outdoors as much as possible.  Honestly, I've been exhausted and have had somewhat expected news.  At around 28-29 weeks I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  This was such a bummer to hear since I had it for my first and not my second.  However, although I was able to manage it during my first pregnancy with diet only it seems this one was going to be more challenging.

After having a hard time controlling my fasting blood sugar (that's the blood sugar taken first thing in the morning before eating) I have been put on insulin.  With some adjusting it seems to be controlling my fasting blood sugar which I'm happy to see.  However, the eating no sugar and low carbs is not easy. Especially since it requires a lot of timing of meals and taking my blood sugar.

Here is my general schedule:
7 am - Wake up - take fasting blood sugar within 10 minutes of waking up
7:30 am - eat breakfast
8:30 am - take blood sugar
10:30 am - snack
12:30/1:00 pm - eat lunch
1:30/2:00 pm - take blood sugar
3:30/4:00pm - snack
6:30 pm - eat dinner
7:30 pm - take blood sugar
8:30/9:00 pm  - snack
10:00 pm - insulin

As you can see my day is action packed with picking appropriate food choices, testing my blood sugar, and makings sure I eat at certain times of the day.  There are definitely days I feel overwhelmed especially with two little boys running around!  Stress seems to increase my blood sugar level so I try to do a lot of meal prep and planning.  This helps me feel less overwhelmed. I plan to talk about my food choices in later blog posts and hopefully either link to or post some recipes!

So, currently, at just about 33 weeks I'm managing.  I'm going to try to be more consistent over the next few weeks and give some updates as well.

Here are some bathing suits I'm crushing on this summer (maternity and non-maternity!):
*My favorite go to this pregnancy for bathing suits is ASOS!  Regarding bikini's and having a pregnant belly...just do it!  If you are comfortable enough with your body it looks really cute!  Also, who cares what people say!!  You go girl!!**

Happy Summer All!!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

DIY: Upcycled Antique Vanity with Metallic Paint

My grandmother's antique vanity has been sitting in my bedroom for quite a long time with a mirror covering the top to hide the imperfections.  Every time I looked at it I kept thinking it needed a face lift.  Originally my father had painted it years ago when I was a teenager.  I have a sort of obsession with taking old meaningful furniture and upcycling with a more modern feel.  Unfortunately, it usually takes me forever to turn my ideas into reality...not going to lie, it took me a few months to finish.  More because I was busy with the kids and needed a longer screw to fit the new pull.  However, this is a really easy project and if you have the time it can probably be accomplished in a weekend.

I'm really excited about this project because it was sentimental and helped pull my bedroom together.  It's also where I spend a lot of time in the morning getting ready so why not make it pretty?!

Here's what I needed:



I was very happy with the results!  Just some tips that I learned while tackling this project:

  • I attempted to use my paint sprayer with the metallic paint.  This proved to be difficult because the paint is so thick and even though I thinned it out the spray tended to come out spotty and sloppy.  I've read a few other blogs about using a sprayer with metallic paint and either a professional sprayer was recommended or none at all.
  • I also attempted using a roller.  Modern Masters recommends  using a 1/2" thick nap roller.  I didn't like the way the paint laid on the wood either so I moved a the bristle brush.  This seemed to work the best for me and the brush strokes didn't bother me.
  • For more tips using Modern Masters Metallic Paint here is a link to a Metallic Paint How To blog post.

Happy Upcycling!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

48 hour getaway in South Beach, Miami

Outfit details:  White Maxi Dress (Old - Similar here and here) // Pom Pom Sandals (I made these!  You can see the tutorial here.  If you prefer to purchase I recommend here and budget friendly option here ) // Louis Vuitton Bag //  Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses (budget friendly here)

Outfit Details:  My bathing suit is from Adore Me (last year).  A review of their service and my suits are here.  Other recommendations similar to this are here and here.

Back in December Joe and I went on a quick trip without the kids to South Beach, Miami!  We do try to go away without the kids every so often.  It's a really great way to reconnect and relax (hard to do with small children :)! I guess you could kind of call this a pre-baby moon since we didn't realize we were pregnant yet, ha!  We had a lot of fun indulging in a mix of relaxation time and dining out at nice restaurants without having to constantly keep an eye on a little one.  Definitely a different experience then what we were used to!

Here's a run down of all the amazing places we visited for atmosphere and food.

Breakfast & Snacks:

  • Front Porch Cafe - This is a really popular place for breakfast so there is usually a wait.  It was well worth it.  The food was excellent and it was located in a less busy area of Ocean Ave.  Casual atmosphere and good eats.  Perfect for breakfast!
  • Sugar Factory, Miami - We happened to be hungry early evening on our first day and decided to pop in here for a late afternoon snack.  There was no shortage of sugary snacks and savory as well.  We opted for some fun drinks and fell in love with the chocolate peanut butter martini!  Yum!


  • Delano - beautiful atmosphere out back by the garden and pool.  The bar is located in the Delano Beach Club area.  Probably pretty popular during the day.
  • Casa Tua - We really wanted to have dinner here but the reservation situation was difficult.  Friends of ours raved about this place and needless to say it was crazy popular.  We opted for drinks and appetizers just to check it out.  We weren't disappointed.  If you can get reservations (do it in advance) I highly recommend Casa Tua for dinner.
  • Bar Centro - located in SLS South Beach on Collins Ave we stopped in here while waiting for our table at Bazaar by Jose Andres (more about this restaurant below).  The music was pumping and the crowd was a mix of ages.  A really fun place to people watch and have some great drinks.


  • Juvia - this great rooftop restaurant boasted amazing views and top notch food.  The atmosphere was trendy and fun.  Definitely a winner for a date night (vacation) away.
  • The Bazaar by Jose Andres - by far our favorite dinning experience during our quick getaway.  Their menu consisted of small bites combining Spanish and Latin cuisine.  If you enjoy tapas and small bites this place definitely did it right! 

Overall, we had a relaxing time, caught up on sleep & good eats and reconnected with each other!  We couldn't have asked for a better getaway!

If you are getting ready for summer or have planned a fun warm weather vacation coming up here are some items I'm loving!

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