A Letter from the President

Hello friends!

I’m honored and humbled to become the new President of TennGreen Land Conservancy’s Board of Directors. During my time on the Board, I’ve witnessed inspiring leadership by Dr. Chuck Womack, John Noel, and Bob Tuke. They’ve set a very high standard that I intend to meet.

Through their leadership, our organization has succeeded in its traditional model, grown, and transformed.

Highlights include:

  • The protection of 43,000 acres of precious Tennessee green spaces through both land acquisitions and conservation easements. These include acquiring lands at Cummins Falls, Virgin Falls, Chickasaw Bluff, Fiery Gizzard, and along the Cumberland Trail; and protecting private forests and farmlands at places such as Nunn Farm, Big Swan Headwaters, and Whites and Piney Creeks.
  • The completion of a new Strategic Plan that led not only to the rebranding of the Tennessee Parks & Greenways Foundation for a much clearer identification of this organization, but also to a Strategic Land Conservation Plan that will help us make important decisions on which lands to prioritize for conservation.
  • Through the extremely generous legacy gift of a past friend, we’ve been able to move to a new office building worthy to home our impressive staff.
  • Real strides towards understanding and achieving diversity and equity within TennGreen’s Board, staff, and membership. This effort will be a continued focus during my time as President.

So please join me as we proceed to the future of TennGreen. We need your time and support to achieve our mission of conserving land where people and nature can thrive. This work is vital and imperative. I remember a warning from years past, “Concrete is the final crop.” Let’s not let this be our state’s future.




Dr. Mark Peacock
President, TennGreen Land Conservancy

Mark Peacock







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