Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Weekend Dress Up

What a fun family filled Mother's Day weekend we had!  I hope you all enjoyed yours as well!  I love Holidays like this.  Not because it's all about Mommy but also because I have an occasion to dress up!

I bought this dress a while ago hoping I would have a reason to dress it up.  It drapes so beautifully and it's neutral but not black which I wear way too often!

The weather started out rainy like it had been doing for the past week or so here on the East Coast...booooo!  But then, the sun started coming out like someone was shining down on all the mommy's out there.  Perfect dress and light jacket weather!  Confession...I would have worn this in the rain anyway!

The jacket I have on is an older one that I've had literally forever.  It's kind of like a cross between a blazer and a jacket.  Very versatile which is what I look for in my wardrobe choices.  I've seen similar ones such as here or here.  Or you could even wear a denim jacket like here.

A green bomber jacket like this one here, would also give the outfit a little more edge and look fabulous!

Ohhhh, these shoes.....LOVE them!  They are beautiful, sexy, and comfortable!  What more can you ask for.  I've worn them with jeans and dresses so totally versatile as well.  I think they are my spring/summer favorites!

Here are some Spring dresses I am loving!


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