Friday, June 24, 2016

Fresh or Fake?

I have a love affair with flowers.  I love the way the look, the way they smell, the impression they give when you see them, and the message they send when you give them to someone.  Should my husband should be jealous?!

Seriously, I do love flowers and I try to fill my house with them.  However, although I love them so much I'm constantly in reality check when I realize I don't have time to purchase or attend to them the way I should.  So, what do I do?  I fill my house with fake & fresh flowers!  What?!!  Yup, I admit it.  I do.  And although some people may find it cheesy I feel like fake or fresh flowers can add something to a room.

These peonies added a pop of color to my dining room!  Just what I was looking for in my mercury glass vase.  Fresh or Fake?  FAKE

Photo Details: Pottery Barn Vase (Similar) //  Silk Flower (Similar) // Chandelier (Similar) // Wallpaper

If you didn't know already, my name Kataliya is the name of an orchid, my favorite flower!  Orchids I am told are easy to take care of.  But when you live in varying climates and not the hot/humid climate orchids thrive in keeping them viable can be challenging.  These orchids add a focal point when entering my house.  Fresh or Fake?  FAKE

Photo Details: Silk Flowers in Vase (Similar) // Console Table

These peonies added height to my eat in kitchen area.  I did a post on the outcome of our mini renovation of our eat in kitchen area and this antique singer sewing machine table here.  Fresh or Fake?  FRESH

Photo Details: Vase (Similar)  // Bistro Chairs // Bench

 These hydrangeas and roses add some interest and anchor the brightly colored vases sitting on my mantel.  The corner adds color to a neutral area.  Fresh or Fake?  FAKE

Photo Details:  Mirror (Similar) // Vases (Similar) // Silk Flowers (Hydrangeas & Roses)

These hydrangeas add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral bedroom.  I wanted something that would stand out from the wallpaper and these did the trick.  Fresh or Fake?  FAKE

Photo Details:  Vase (Similar) //  Hydrangeas // Photo Frame (Similar) // Lamp (Similar) // Headboard  (Same one in Ivory) // Side Table (Similar)

Can you tell I love hydrangeas?  They are so full and yield a lot of flower for your money.  They are also easy to take care of and last a long time.  Fresh or Fake?  FRESH

Photo Details:  Vase

My point is this, whether your flowers are fresh or fake, they add a little something special to your space.  When thinking about using fresh or fake flowers you must consider budget, time, and availability of what you are looking for.

May flowers bloom in all corners of YOUR world!

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