Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Packing Essentials for Travel

This week we are going on an Adult Only vacation!  Yay!  One of our friends is getting married in the Dominican Republic and you better believe we told them we were coming even before the invites were sent out!  Of course we are big fans of Destination Weddings since we had one ourselves which I blogged about in a previous post.

I'm currently in the midst of packing and at one point it looked like this:

OMG!  Why do I wait until the last minute???  Well eventually I got it together and my suitcase is much more organized...thank goodness.  Since summer is here and everyone is traveling I wanted to share my most coveted travel essentials.  Most of these items ultimately ended up in my suitcase!

Travel Steamer

Passport Case

Ticket Case

Travel Bag Organizers

Happy Travels!!!

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