Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review: Adore Me Swimsuits

Hi Everyone!  I'm finally getting around to looking at my pics from our amazing vacation to Punta Cana for our friends' destination wedding!  I will definitely write more about the wedding soon but I first wanted to review some of my Adore Me swimsuit purchases since swimsuits were our outfit of choice during our trip.

Outfit Detals:  Adore Me Alani Bikini Top (Size M) //  Old Navy Bikini Bottom (Size M) //
Loft Sunglasses

What is Adore Me?

Adore Me is an online lingerie, swimsuit, and some clothing (cover-ups & activewear) retailer.  You have 2 options:
  1. Join the VIP program where you are subscribed to the purchasing program.  You can purchase items at a discount between the 1st & 5th of each month and you  can skip as many months as you like, you just need to remember to do this prior to the 6th of each month.  For more details on the VIP program you can look here.
  2. Pay as You Go full price of the item(s) you are purchasing.  
Return Policy:  Shipping for exchanges or returns are covered by Adore Me.  However, returns are subject to a stocking fee and you can only exchange 3 times.

In a previous post I stated that I don't feel as comfortable in a bikini as I used to.  My body is just not the same since having my kiddos but I work hard at maintaining a healthy lifestyle so I definitely try to embrace it as much as possible.  However, it's never been that easy for me to find bathing suits that I love....even pre-babies.  My athletic frame with wide shoulders and narrower hips makes the task of finding something comfortable challenging.

This Alani bikini top was really cute.  It was actually part of my 3rd exchange.  Unfortunately, I ordered a small bottom and even after contacting Adore Me twice, they said it was company policy that I couldn't exchange one more time for the correct size.  I was honestly pretty surprised that they wouldn't make an exception so unfortunately that bottom will be unworn for now.  Just to note, the bottoms were quite skimpy and usually I do wear a small bottom but due to the lack of material I really needed a medium.

Outfit Details: Adore Me Swimsuit (Size M) //  Loft Sunglasses //  Headband (Similar)

I'm definitely loving the variety of full piece swim suits in the stores and online this season!  They range from modest to sexy and I definitely prefer in between!  My only issue with a one piece v. bikini is that it is definitely much hotter with a one piece on!

This Adore Me Marla swimsuit was really very cute!  Despite the thought that I probably could have worn a size small the bathing suit itself looked sexy but classy and the halter top made it quite adjustable.  It held up very well from the beach to the pool!  This is the one suit I did not return or exchange!

My final review:
I did have a hard time finding the right fit and size when ordering online.  I definitely prefer online retailers where I have the option of returning or exchanging in store.  For that reason, I don't love the max 3 exchange policy.  As I also said above, I was surprised they wouldn't do an extra exchange for the right size.  It kind of turned me off since other retailers I've dealt with are more than happy to make at least one exception.  The bathing suits themselves were good quality and held up nicely throughout our vacation.  I received many compliments on both swimsuits.

I ended up cancelling my VIP membership.  Partly because I was turned off by their return policy but mostly because I have a hard time shopping online!  This doesn't deter me from shopping online though since I am determined to eventually find a brand that fits me perfect!

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  1. Here is a review I wrote on Adore Me! I work for another lingerie subscription company so we decided to try them out ... I end up talking a lot about the quality of their products in relation to their price point. I also break down this idea of "designer lingerie" and the standards it entails. I'm sure you all love lingerie as much I do so let me know what you guys think! https://theenclosed.com/blog/adore-me-quality/


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