Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekend Musings

This is my first blog post of a series I am titling "Weekend Musings".  I want to highlight what we do with the kids to keep them busy and how we, as a family, spend our weekends.  What you'll find is that sometimes we spend them together and other times we spend them apart.  However, it's a healthy mix of both which helps us feel rejuvenated as individuals, strong as a couple, and in sync as a family.   I hope you like this series and that it spurs imagination or inspiration for your weekends!

Water Play

It was SO HOT this weekend here in the NY!  I half wanted to stay inside in the air condition all day and the other half wanted to sit in a pool of water.  I didn't think staying inside was an option with the kiddos so I thought water would be a great idea instead.  However, I didn't feel like dealing with the crowds at the pool since hubby was away for most of the weekend.

I had conveniently thrown out our water table and actually had one in my cart on Amazon for a while!  I really didn't want to spend the money on another water table that they may grow out of soon but I know how much my boys (and every other kids I know) loves playing with water.  So, I improvised and found these plastic beverage tubs on sale and filled them with water.  Instant "water table"!

The boys had a blast and it entertained them for a full 2 hours, while keeping them cool, and tiring them out for a good nap!

What was I doing during this time?  Relaxing on a chair nearby and reading a book!!!

Books I've Been Reading

For my birthday hubby bought me a new Kindle Paperwhite!!  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE IT.  I even got the cover below to make it more fun.

Before I had kids I devoured books, however, since having my boys it's been harder to sit down for long periods of time to read.  Since the kids are getting older and able to entertain themselves for a bit it gives me more time to sit down and read.  Albeit not without interruptions, but I'm happy to even get a little bit of "me" time in when I can.

I seem to gravitate towards lifestyle, period novels, and scifi/fantasy.  I also read some educational books for leisure so if you are interested in photography I'm listing one that has been helpful.  Below are some recent titles on my kindle.

Stay cool!!!

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