Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekend Musings: Family Sail & #NSale

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It was rainy and or cloudy most of the weekend so we did a lot of staying indoors.  However, the sun did shine for part of Saturday morning so it gave us a chance to go out on my parents' sail boat!

The boys had a great time on the boat!  Little J has been on the boat many times but I think this is the first time Little T realized what was going on!  He did a lot of exploring and we did a lot of hanging on to him.  All we lost was a snack cup which flew into the water so all in all was successful outing!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So, there has been a lot of talk about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, aka the #NSale.  I bought a bunch of items however, my favorites and my likely to use the most are not the typical clothing items.

I never really purchase myself Pajamas or bras often.  I also hate spending a ton of money on those items for some reason.  However, I found the cutest PJ's at the #NSale.  I purchased this PJ Salvage Top (Small) and this PJ Salvage shorts (Medium).  They are on regular rotation and I can tell you they are so comfy!  I'm also going to purchase the pants as well!

Great bras are a must and good ones are an investment!  If you are not sure of your size it's always helpful to go into the store so you can get properly measured.  I used to go to a shop in NYC which did great bra measurements.  Since then I've been able to correctly size myself at any retailer.  I purchased this black,  this cafe, and this gunmetal Natori Bra.  You can't beat these prices (between 30%-40% off) and the black Natori bra I have in the Caramel color from a previous purchase.  It's so pretty, supportive, and comfy!

There are so many great buys at this years #NSale!  You can really stock up your closet with some great Fall styles, some which you can start wearing right away and transition into the cooler weather.  It's really worth a look!  I even bought some great things for the kids and hubby!

Here are some other items I'm loving at the #NSale:

Go take a peek before it's over on August 8th!  

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