Friday, September 30, 2016

Don't Be Afraid to take Whisks: Cookbooks and Gadgets I love

I love to cook.  Even when I'm tired at the end of the day when I start to cook I feel relaxed.  I generally like to find similar recipes and combine what I like about them.  Once in a while I'll find a great cookbook where I love more then one of the recipes inside.  Below is my current cookbook crush and the kitchen gadgets that I can't live without.

The Skinny Taste Cookbook is my new favorite.  I've made a couple of the recipes so far and they are delicious.  You can also find recipes on the website.

My husband kept hearing about the spiralizer from his coworkers.  I saw one when I was out one day and decided to pick it up.  I have the handheld version and it makes perfect skinny and wide spiralized veggies!  There is also a bigger spiralizer version that uses a handle and can spiralize a lot very quickly.

I can't live without my food chopper!  I got one from my wedding registry and I wasn't sure I would use it.  I actually use it quite a bit minus the times I've forgotten about it.  However, I've recently rediscovered my food chopper and love it!  I have this one but this one has received great reviews.  

I picked up mini spatulas for my sons' play kitchen.  I ended up using them for so many things like scraping out the last bits from a can.  They really are so useful!  This one has a set of three and this one pictured comes with a mini baster brush.  I highly recommend these mini's!

Don't forget to kiss the cook!

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