Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hi All!  This has been a crazy week.  Hubby was on an extended work trip for the first time since Baby N was born.  Thank goodness for my mom because it was a little C-R-A-Z-Y, especially during bed time.  Whoever said having a third is just like having two is dead wrong!  Especially early on when the little babe needs so much attention.  I could write a whole blog post about this one!

Anyway, here are my weekly favorites.


I've been looking for cute winter hats.  This one is currently in my shopping cart and I'm in love with the double Pom!  This double Pom beanie and this beanie are also adorable and more budget friendly.

I also like to twin with my baby boy so I recently purchased him this adorable infant beanie along with these lighter ones for when he gets a bit bigger.


Hubby got me a new iPad for my birthday and I like to use a keyboard with my old one.  The old keyboard didn't fit the slim new iPad 9.7 so I found an amazing one that I LOVE.  This iPad keyboard is stylish, functional, and cheaper then some of the other ones I've looked at that are in the store.


While I've been home on maternity leave I've been dreaming about refurbishing my office.  I usually like to choose a color scheme and run with it.  I've been really liking navy blue lately and have been looking at this rug.  I am also obsessed with the idea of a blue velvet chair like this one or this one.

Happy Friday!!!

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